A brilliant end to the Summer months…

Summer for the Residents of Fleetwood Hall was jammed packed with in house activities and adventures to points of interest in the local area. We kicked started the Summer months with the hugely successful summer fayre that was organised by the Activity Team, Residents thoroughly enjoyed the day…..mainly because they got to wet sponge the staff in the stocks! It was lovely to see so many new faces at the fayre including people from the local community and Residents loved ones.

Ken Stewart, Director said:

We are so proud of the hard work that the Activity Team put in to creating the Summer fayre this year, the Residents loved the day which is the most important thing. However, they also managed to raise £250 for the Residents funds due to the kind hearted people who attended the fayre from the local community, so we will see what they choose to spend that on soon!

Later in the summer, Residents chose to visit Bygone Times which is a local brick a brack shop. A number of Residents hopped on to the OOMPH! minibus to see what old fashioned gems they maybe able to find in the shop, some chose to pick out pieces to decorate their bedrooms, where as others chose to purchase small gifts for their loved ones. A few of our Residents were particularly fond of the old fashioned arcade games that were available!

For those that prefer to the feel the wind in their sails and breeze in their hair, a trip to Crosby beach was organised, so once again the Residents hopped on to the minibus and off they went. It was a blustery day but filled with sunshine. It was an opportunity to have a walk along the sand and take in the fresh air.

Fleetwood Hall, have their own minibus so Residents are able to go on day trips on a regular basis. We also partner with OOMPH! Wellness and Out and About who organise two trips per month of the Residents choosing. The feedback has been magnificent and we are really pleased we have signed up with OOMPH for another fun filled year!