Competition Time!

There are a few Residents at Fleetwood Hall who just can’t hide their competitive side and really love to get involved with the in house competitions! The Activity Coordinators, Emma and Clare have recently set up a pool competition, where both the ladies and gents can get involved and show off their skills. This has been really popular with many residents, as such a Dominoes competition will be starting up shortly. It is lovely to see the staff and residents interacting with one another in their pool teams whilst having their moment to shine!

Of course, we still have the weekly outings at Fleetwood Hall also which remain extremely popular. Recently, residents who have varying levels of Dementia have been taking advantage of the OOMPH mini bus with frequent visits to Chester Zoo, the local Toby Carvery and a nearby farm where they can spend time with the animals. These experiences ensure that the residents have variation in their days with different opportunities or events available to them.